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Part 1 Listening
Time: 10 minutes (15 points)
Task 1
Listen and decide which statements 1–9 are True (T), False (F) or Not Stated (NS). You will hear the text twice.

  1. Moscow was in a good location for trading.
  2. Many foreign merchants wrote about the riches of Muscovy.
  3. Constantinople remained the centre for the Orthodox Church in the second half of the 15th
  4. In the 14th century, a brick wall surrounded the Kremlin.
  5. Dmitry Donskoy got his nickname because of his victory over the Mongol-Tatars.
  6. The Russian army put an end to the Tatar yoke in the Battle of Kulikovo.
  7. Dmitry Donskoy founded a monastery in honor of his victory over the Horde.
  8. Moscow was the place where the Great Russian icon painters created their masterpieces.
  9. Andrei Rublyev met Dmitry several times

Part 2                                                     Reading
Time: 30 minutes
Maximum 20 points
Task I
You will now read the girl’s monologue about leaving away from home. Read and answer questions 1 -10 (true or false).
How does it feel to move away from home?
Hello, my name is Diana. I am going to tell you how it feels to move away from home where you’ve lived all your life.

Some people likes places where they live, others don’t, but, of course, we all get used to the same routine and become comfortable where we are. And while moving we leave something behind which can be friends, family or even items close to us.

Work is very important for my parents and they both have good careers. Usually one of them is off on a business trip somewhere.

Finally we had to follow our father’s career, so, recently we moved from Brighton to Bristol. At first I did not like the idea because I was comfortable in my house. We have lived here for 17 years!

I did not think I would like the new house or the area because it is nothing like my old area. But change is always quite a good thing, I believe.

Besides, I have not seen a lot of different places in my life. There are many good things about moving. The environment is so different here in Bristol. Now I realize that life here is much better, I think.

I have met a lot of new people, have been to new places. Our house become a little bit bigger here, it is good, and my room has become more comfortable. And now I just feel much more prepared for the real world in a way, I guess.

But there are also many disadvantages to the move. I am feeling some sadness about being apart from my old Brighton friends, my old college, my everyday life. The fifteen – minute journey to college has now become a long forty- five minute bus journey.

I loved being so close to my college find it can be tiring travelling so far by bus. But it’s not so bad because I can plan a lot of different things while I am on a bus. Besides, this is not for long: in a year my parents are going to buy me a car.

Actually, it’s taking my brother longer to adapt to the move. When we are on one of our long bus journeys, he often tells me the bus journey is too long and he misses the old house. I just tell him that we will have a car soon to make him feel better and in time he will probably like the new area!

Even if you think that it is not a god idea, give it a shot because ten to one you will love it more than staying where you are! And now I am excited about what lies ahead. New place, here I come!

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