How to prepare a traditional and original Iranian «Daisy»

  1. We all think that to eat Daisy, you must go to a restaurant, but preparing Daisy at home is not only not without grace, but also has its own purity. This is a recipe for an original and delicious «Daisy». Ingredients for preparing Daisy: Broth and Ashkeneh are among the local Iranian dishes that have their fans full of pills. Eating these dishes, in addition to being delicious, is not devoid of wonderful properties. We have prepared the recipe for Daisy for you, which we hope you will enjoy enough.
    Mutton with bones and fat: half a kilo White beans: half a cup Peas: half a cup Tomatoes: 2 large Peeled onions: 2 medium Onions with skin: a large number Potatoes: 4 to 5 medium Fresh green pepper: 2 to 3 pieces Omani lemon: 6 to 8 pieces Tomato paste: 1 tbsp Clean and fresh mutton tail: 50 g if desired Garlic (if desired): 1 clove Juice or lemon juice: as needed Cinnamon and saffron: as desired Salt, pepper and turmeric: as needed Daisy How to prepare broth or daisy How to prepare Daisy: First, soak the beans for a few hours and change the water several times during it. Roast the meat with its tail, fat and bones in a saucepan until they are oily. Roast the turmeric with the meat a little to get the raw smell of turmeric.
    Then add the right onion with the skin along with a clove of garlic and soaked beans to the meat. Pour boiling water about 6 times the ingredients in the pot. Then peel the tomatoes and cut them in half and add to the rest of the ingredients in the pot. Turn down the heat to simmer. After an hour and a half of cooking, pour the green peppers into the daisy. Wash the potatoes well and pour the skin into the daisy to cook the potatoes well. Fry the tomato paste in a little oil. Make a few holes in the Omani lemon with a fork and pour some salt, pepper and cinnamon into the daisy.
    Take the onion right out of the daisy and take out the fat and grate an uncooked onion and with the fat taken out of the daisy, beat it and put it back in the daisy so that all the ingredients boil together and fit. When the daisy is fully cooked, pour the water into a separate bowl and toss. Then remove the bones and pen of the lamb and beat the meat with the beans and potatoes. Serve the beaten daisies with onions, vegetables and pickles. Points : You can also add a little saffron to the tomato paste and make Daisy fragrant. If you want to use a daisy pot instead of a pot, you have to put a flame spreader under it. In these dishes, it takes longer for Daisy to cook and fit, but it will taste much better.
    Daisy is fit and delicious Additional tips about Daisy Daisy is one of the broths and tears Preparation time of raw materials and supplies is about 15 minutes And the cooking time and waiting time is about 5 hours. Daisy can be served for lunch, dinner. Note that the amount of raw materials and preparation order is suitable for 6 people.

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